Drawing Techniques with Archie Barry

Drawing Techniques with Archie Barry

TIME: Sundays 10:00am - 4:00pm


WORKSHOP CONTENT: In this series of one day workshops, taught by Archie Barry, students will be introduced to basic drawing skills including line and tone, with each activity preceded by a demonstration and observation and discussion of example artworks. This workshop serves as an excellent introduction to our introductory term courses where the techniques established in the class will be further fostered and developed.

MATERIALS: All materials are included in the workshop fee.

SUN 19/11/2017 10:00am-4:00pm Drawing Techniques with Archie Barry 1 spaces available
Students will learn a number of drawing techniques and processes including simplifying representational images into abstract shapes, observation of angles to depict an impression of an object in the space, and utilising light and dark shading to create a realistic impression of mass and depth.

Important to know

Please remember to wear old clothing and shoes to class as paints and other art materials may stain clothing.

All materials are included in the workshop fee. 

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